Meet Harmeet

I do believe that Yoga IS for everybody*

…so I will continue to advocate to make the brave, trauma-informed space we share together accessible, empowering, and ultimately a therapeutic space where you are reunited with yourself. I will continue to educate myself, so that I can be the best ally to you and your body by reminding you of the power you hold in listening to it. You will always be your own best teacher; I am merely showing you the path back to yourself.

*(This brave space is inclusive of ALL BIPOC, LGTBQIA2S, bodies of all shapes, sizes, ages, and abilities regardless of limitations)

RYT 900 / Human Rights Advocate / Mama                
Currently training as a Yoga Therapist 

Yoga has always played an integral part in my life and was first introduced to me at a very young age by my Pita ji (father). My journey to begin sharing Yoga with a trauma-informed, decolonized lens wasn’t until I saw the need for  community healing and liberation. My gorgeous little girl is the light of my life and everything I do goes towards delivering the torch to her and the future generations as a more equitable, inclusive and loving place. Yoga IS Social justice and liberation for all. We can lean into pleasure activism through using our body as a resource. We can support our activism and nourish ourselves through movement, breath and rest to continue the hard, necessary work we all must do.

I share yoga to honor the lineage and the roots of my ancestral wisdom, by exploring the sacred knowledge with all who hold the curiosity and establishing a deeper connection to their body and breath. I hold the trauma-informed, brave* space for you to show up exactly as you are, and to cultivate self acceptance and empowerment. I will welcome an advocate for all of your joy, sorrow, reflection, self connection and healing. My focus is on nourishing you from the inside out, so that you can embrace yourself and intentionally move into life’s rhythms with more inspired awareness.


Yoga Teacher RYT-900
Yoga Therapist *in training IAYT-1000

● Basic principles of Ayurveda 20hrs
● Yoga Therapy for Wrists and Shoulders 20hrs
● Yoga Therapy for Knees and Hips 20hrs
● Sequencing for Yoga Therapy 20hrs
● Yoga, Trauma, and Mental Health 20hrs
● Restorative Yoga 30hrs
● Yoga Therapy for Healthy Aging and Chair Yoga 30hrs
● Journey Through the Chakras 30hrs
● Yoga, Tensegrity, and Fascia 30hrs
● The Vayus and Alignment 30hrs
● Pranayama for Yoga Therapy 30hrs
● Philosophy for Yoga Therapy 30hrs
● Yoga Therapy in Pain Care 20hrs
● Meditation for Yoga Therapy 30hrs
● The Therapeutic Relationship 30hrs
● The Business of Yoga Therapy 30hrs
● Yoga, Psychology and the Mind Immersion 60hrs
● Yoga Therapy Immersion 60hrs